August 2014 Newsletter


August 2014


In Africa Israel support is growing.


A word from Alex



Israel is not an apartheid state.

As an African from Southern Africa and I speak for many Africans I feel insulted when people compare the State of Israel to Apartheid South Africa.  The comparison is outrageously false and demeaning to the millions of victims of Apartheid. Israel is simply not an apartheid state like was South Africa.  I was 19 years of age when Apartheid was finally dismantled.  I knew what it was.

Zambia hosted the African National Congress ANC (the current ruling party in South Africa) who fought against the apartheid regime in South Africa. For hosting the ANC, Zambia was badly pummeled militarily by the South African Apartheid regime and it’s Southern Rhodesian compatriot.

I lost an uncle in the war and I vividly remember huddling with my siblings as windows were being shattered by bombs dropped nearby as the enemy aircraft attacked my country.

Maybe one should look at the differences between apartheid South Africa and the State of Israel to make a rational opinion instead of calling Israel what it is not.

In The State of Israel Jew and Arab are equal before the law. Israel has no Population Registration Act, no Group Areas Act, no Mixed Marriage and Immorality Act, no Separate Representation of Voters Act, no Separate Amenities Act, no Pass Laws and any of the Apartheid laws.

On the Other hand Israel is a vibrant democracy, with an independent judiciary and free press. Israel accords full political, religious and other human rights to all it’s people including the more than one million Arab citizens of Israel.

In Israel Arab citizens hold positions of power including that of cabinet minister, Member of Parliament and judge at every level, including that of Supreme Court. All citizens in Israel vote on the same roll in regular, multiparty elections. There are also Arab parties in parliament.

Arab and Jews share all public facilities, including hospitals, schools, malls, buses, cinemas and parks. This is not apartheid!!! It is wrong to use this term on the State of Israel and Israel haters  in the western world are wrongly using ignorance to attack Israel.

For your own information the Israel support base in Africa has grown exceedingly great and it continues to grow each day. Does it not amaze the world that African Muslims from Darfur, Eritrea, Somalia and other parts of Africa are avoiding Mecca, the wealthy gulf states and other Muslim countries and are taking a dangerous trek in their tens of thousands to find freedom, security and happiness in Israel? They cross and leave behind entire Muslim countries to illegally enter the Jewish state. There is a growing love for Israel in Africa and surprisingly many Muslim peoples in Africa openly love Israel.

Every year poor Africans of the Christian faith from allover the African continent pour into Israel in their thousands during the Jerusalem House of Prayer for all Nations and other like events to show solidarity with Israel. Prayer for Israel is growing allover Africa as denominations come together to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Many Africans can tell the difference between apartheid and a free state and Israel is not an Apartheid state. Sorry in Africa this lie wont sell.

Am Yisrael Chai!!!


We had a solidarity prayer meeting for Israel in Lusaka and many attended from the Messianic Jewish community, the local Jewish community, Christian denominations and groups. Below are the photos. The Israeli embassy also sent a representative.



Some visiting Israelis attended too. 





  • We had a successful two day national youth meeting in Chinkuli. We pray that more local congregations will be represented next year.
  • Over 50 people from our Beth Messiah congregation attended our fun packed retreat at Mount Hermon Safaris in southern Zambia.
We have six wonderful servants of the living God visiting our ministry this November from Castle Canyon Church in Parker, Colorado. We are excited at what the lord has in store for all of us. Prayer is appreciated.


Thank you from Fay

Again i would like to thank our many supporters who are sponsoring orphans and poor children through our ministry. I thought of briefly showing how important your support is to the many unfortunate children of Africa.

About 30 million children on the African continent are unable to attend school due to many factors including poverty, non availability of schools and teachers and many others like conflict and disease.

But you have given the children under our care a rare privilege to be in school and a window for a bright future. Every day about 26,000 children under five die  from preventable diseases  and many of them in Africa. Africa is home to about 50 Million Orphans.

Being orphaned in Africa is like a death sentence; on a continent where even children who still have living parents go hungry, being an orphan entails a life of vulnerability, inequality, rejection, poverty, insecurity, lack of parental care, child labor and ill health. Many orphans lack the basic human rights provisions such as health, shelter, food, water, sanitation and education. Many suffer from malnutrition, inadequate schooling and exposure to danger and abuse.

Zambia has the second highest number of orphans in Africa with Zimbabwe coming last. About half of all Zambian children are malnourished. The population of children between 0-17 years in Zambia is 6,638 and of these 13% are orphans. Zambia has 2,513,768 households and 4,636 are child headed households. Of the 4,636 households headed by children about 40% are headed by orphans. Only about 32% of orphans are receiving any form of help.

Again Thank you for helping the children under our care. May God richly bless you.

Fay Yalenga

Source: Orphanhood & Fosterhood report December 2013

More Orphanage News.
A lot has been going on at the orphanage school and home. We received a donation to buy 4 goats for the school and we say thank you Lord and thank you to those who gave. Our children also visited the Drug Enforcement Offices to learn more on the dangers of drug abuse and the legal consequences of taking drugs. Many of our children are from the street where drugs are abused.
Some of our children also visited the local Museum in Lusaka and had a great time learning about the many items on display.
All the seven orphans from the home went for their medicals and praise God come out clean. None has the dreaded HIV/Aids or any other illness.
Court case

We have again been sued by the same man who has been after our frontage. Please do pray for closure and resources to pay attorneys. This case has been on and off since 2008. It started in the magistrate courts and moved up to the High court where we won. It is likely that the case may end up in the supreme court. We covert your prayers.

Graciousness Extended Project

Occasionally we have the opportunity to extend graciousness to children that have special needs and or have graduated from our day school but have no support. Some of the children who have graduated from the 7th grade no longer are given a meal or assistance to go on further with their education.  We have developed a new program to help care for these children who do not fall under our school and feeding program. If you were sponsoring a child who has since graduated and you would like to continue sponsoring the same child this is for you.

The Yalenga Family

The Yalenga family has been doing very well. Dad has moved in to live with us due to health issues. Bracha will be one year in September and it is a delight to see the girls grow in all areas. A very big thank you to those who support us hence enabling us to be in full time ministry.

Praise Reports.

  • The wonderful children from Beth Hallel in Atlanta Georgia raised money to support our orphans. All the 160 orphans and staff send their gratitude to Rabbi Kevin Solomon, all the Beth Hallel teachers and all the children who sent the financial blessings. When an adult helps an orphan it is a deed worthy of praise but when a kid helps another child it is like God himself coming down to do the deed!
  • Library books have been shipped and all expenses paid for, hallelujah!!
  • Our fire certificate has been granted by the fire department.


PRAYER POINTS- Please join us in prayer for the following:

  • Court case involving our property to be disposed of once and for all & finances to pay all the legal fees.
  • Kindly pray for the renewal of our tax exempt status by the Zambian government.
  • Pray for our upcoming national conference in October.
  • Pray for sponsorship for our Shalom Zambia radio outreach and that we will resume broadcasting and bear fruit among the 2.5 million listeners.
  • Protection from counterfeit believers.
  • Open doors for the gospel
  • Salvation of the Zambian Jewish community, Muslim community and Traditionalist communities
  • Spiritual and numerical growth.
  • Finances for ministry needs, including a sponsor for each child under our care, financial support for the Yalenga family and for the needs of the other congregations under ZMF’s covering.
  • About 50 children are in need of sponsorship that is $25 a month, please pass the word.



  • $80 a month will allow a child to stay at the newly opened orphanage giving them a safe place, warm bed, three meals a day and school. Children will be taken in after a sponsor is found. So far we have seven children and 43 empty beds.
  • $25 a month will sponsor, feed  and educate one orphan for the whole month at our day school. We still have over 50 orphans in need of sponsors.
  • $90 will sponsor one radio outreach program to over 2.5 million people.
  • $150 will help pay the monthly wage of one teacher at the orphanage day school. We have 8 teachers teaching about 160 children.
  • $6 will buy a bible for a new believer.
  • $50 will buy a goat to provide protein  for 164 orphans for a day.
  • Monthly support for the Yalenga family

Thank you for being a blessing.

Shalom, Shalom.

For more information contact

To Donate

Donations are tax deductable in the USA and are received with thanksgiving. For tax-deductable contributions in the United States, write checks to:

Congregational Roeh Israel

8556 East Warren Ave

Denver, Colorado 80231

If you are looking for possibilities of sponsoring an orphan, being involved in our Graciousness Extended program or supporting the Yalenga family, please contact Maria Schmitt at or 719-487-9061.

When sending checks to Roeh Israel, please specify in the memo the specific intentions for your giving.  For example, if you want to help support the orphanage, clearly write “Orphanage” in the memo.  If you want to help support the Yalenga family, write “Yalenga support” in the memo.  If you want to help provide for the other needs of the ministry, write “Ministry” in the memo.  If you want to be sure your giving provides for bibles, write “Bibles” in the memo.

You can also donate via Pay pal (not tax-deductible) at If you choose to send via paypal, we kindly ask that you consider adding $1.30 for each $25.00 sent due to the amount of your donation paypal will deduct if you are not a Paypal subscriber.

When you donate to the Zambia Messianic Fellowship you can be sure that you are contributing to an organization that is witnessing to the lost, discipling believers, raising new leaders, taking care of orphans, planting congregations around Zambia, fighting anti-Semitism, teaching the church about their Hebrew roots and responsibility to Israel, lobbying government for biblical values and helping the poor masses with viable economic activities.


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