February 2015 Newsletter



February 2015


Evangelist Bob Rosenbaum sharing the gospel in Zambia.

O give thanks unto the LORD, for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever.

Psalms 107:1

A word from Alex

Adonai is my strength and shield; in him my heart trusted, and I have been helped. Therefore my heart is filled with joy, and I will sing praises to him. Psa 28:7

This Newsletter is all about praise to our God and what He has done for us. Many prayers have been answered and many needs met which encourages us to look forward to more breakthroughs. Economically Africa is a tough place to live. Africa only contributes 2% to the world economy and making ends meet in Africa is extremely hard for most people even though they work extremely hard.  As a ministry we have been asking The Most High for many important and necessary things but they were all beyond our reach.

Well, the answers come in from many unexpected areas. Enjoy this newsletter and never stop to give thanks to God because He is good at all times!!


Zambia went to the polls January 20th and we have a new leader, president Edgar Lungu. Our prayer is that he will be a God fearing man who will stand for righteousness.

Righteousness exalteth a nation; But sin is a reproach to any people. Pro 14:34


Our main congregation in Lusaka had an old and run down PA system which did not work properly. So we prayed for a new one and kept repairing the old. We received a call asking if we had a good PA system that could be used for village outreach. We did not and the caller offered and bought the ministry a brand new PA system. Hallelujah!!!

We have received a pledge to help us roof the unfinished building next to the new orphanage at the orphanage compound. Currently we are renting office space in downtown Lusaka and moving into our own building will save us money.

After many months of red tape the Zambian government has renewed our tax-exempt certificate. It is estimated that less than 5% of organizations in Zambia have a tax-exempt status.



Wayne teaching at a leadership meeting in Lusaka. 


We just hosted a wonderful and godly team from Castle Canyon church in Colorado who were with us for almost three weeks. Led by Pastor Jack Serr and his wife Lynnette the team was unbelievable.

The team conducted village outreaches and ministered in different congregations.

About 70 people gave their lives to the Lord, some with tears.  Some were immersed after coming to faith. Hallelujah.

Hundreds of hungry villagers received meals and clothing was given to many more both adults and children. It was all smiles.



A new believer being immersed after coming to faith. 




Preparing the projector for village outreach.



Some of those who gave their lives to the Lord. 


Giving out clothes to poor villagers in Chinkuli.

A new well was drilled at one of our congregations to give clean water to the surrounding villages. Hallelujah!!100_4917


I am happy to announce that all the ten children at our new orphanage school (in eastern Lusaka) are now sponsored!! They have all been enrolled in nearby schools and are doing well.

They also received a rare treat from the CCC team who took them out to the malls, play park and shopped for clothing, shoes and ice cream. Overnight they had some decent clothing and shoes on their feet. These children now have shelter, food, an education and above all love. He is truly a God who takes care of the orphans.

There is still plenty of room at our orphanage facility for more orphans at $80 a month per orphan. We can only take in more children after a sponsor is found.

If you cannot afford the $80 you can now partner with others and send in what you can afford in order to help sponsor a child.


Debbie reading a story to the orphans at our orphanage facility.


Children from the orphanage enjoying ice cream.

The Day School

The day school with 162 children in western Lusaka received school supplies and a laptop for the head teacher and three sewing machines to help teach crafts to the children. The children at the day school received various goodies from the mission’s team from CCC. Hallelujah!!

We still have some children in need of sponsorship at the day school which is $25 a month which includes food, school & supplies and basic medical care.

If you cannot afford the $25 you can now partner with others and send in what you can afford in order to help sponsor a child.



Kids from the day school. 

Letter from an orphan.

My name is Rachael and I am 12 years old. I have two brothers. My parents are both dead.

I love Jerome Fleischer School my favorite subjects are math and Nyanja. My friends are Jacklyn and Alice.

Thank you for the education that you are giving me I have good teachers free books and pens. When I finish school I would like to become a nurse. God bless you

Racheal Chimba.

Graciousness Extended Project

Occasionally we have the opportunity to extend graciousness to children that have special needs and or have graduated from our day school but have no support. Some of the children who have graduated from the 7th grade no longer are given a meal or assistance to go on further with their education.  We have developed a new program to help care for these children who do not fall under our school and feeding program. If you were sponsoring a child who has since graduated and you would like to continue sponsoring the same child this is for you.


The Yalenga Family

Alex will be in the USA for a ministry tour from Feb 24th. Pray for Fay as she remains to oversee the congregations, orphanage, day school and family. Pray for good health and protection while Alex is away.

Many sincere thanks to all those  who pray for and support the Yalenga family.


PRAYER POINTS- Please join us in prayer for the following:

  • Please do pray for the court case involving our property to be disposed of once and for all & for finances to pay all the legal fees.
  • Pray for sponsorship for our Shalom Zambia radio outreach and that we will resume broadcasting and bear fruit among the 2.5 million listeners.
  • Protection from counterfeit believers.
  • Open doors for the gospel
  • Salvation of the Zambian Jewish community, Muslim community and Traditionalist communities
  • Spiritual and numerical growth.
  • Finances for ministry needs, including a sponsor for each child under our care, financial support for the Yalenga family and for the needs of the other congregations under ZMF’s covering
  • One of our members who was bitten by a snake in northern Zambia has had his arm amputated and has been in hospital ever since. After showing some slight improvement he became worse forcing the hospital to amputate his arm. He has since run out of medication. They did a skin graft and $200 will help with his medication.



  • $80 a month will allow a child to stay at the newly opened orphanage giving them a safe place, warm bed, three meals a day and school. Children will be taken in after a sponsor is found. So far we have 10 children and over 40 empty beds.
  • $25 a month will sponsor, feed  and educate one orphan for the whole month at our day school. We still have over 50 orphans in need of sponsors.
  • $90 will sponsor one radio outreach program to over 2.5 million people.
  • $150 will help pay the monthly wage of one teacher at the orphanage day school. We have 8 teachers teaching about 160 children.
  • $6 will buy a bible for a new believer.
  • $50 will buy a goat to provide protein  for 164 orphans for a day.
  • Monthly support for the Yalenga family

Thank you for being a blessing.

Shalom, Shalom.

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Donations are tax deductable in the USA and are received with thanksgiving. For tax-deductable contributions in the United States, write checks to:

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If you are looking for possibilities of supporting the ministry, sponsoring an orphan, being involved in our Graciousness Extended program or supporting the Yalenga family, please contact Maria Schmitt at  zmforphanage@gmail.com or 719-487-9061.

You can also donate via Pay pal (not tax-deductible) at  http://zamf.org/donations/. If you choose to send via paypal, we kindly ask that you consider adding $1.30 for each $25.00 sent due to the amount of your donation paypal will deduct if you are not a Paypal subscriber.

When you donate to the Zambia Messianic Fellowship you can be sure that you are contributing to an organization that is witnessing to the lost, discipling believers, raising new leaders, taking care of orphans, planting congregations around Zambia, fighting anti-Semitism, teaching the church about their Hebrew roots and responsibility to Israel, lobbying government for biblical values and helping the poor masses with viable economic activities.


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