February 2018 Newsletter



February 2018 Newsletter

Shalom and blessings.

A word from Alex

Shalom and greetings from Lusaka, Zambia. Allow me to first of all thank the Great God of Israel for making a way for me to share in the USA late last year, I would like to thank the many saints of the Most High esp. those in leadership for hosting me  and for the many prayers, support and for giving me a platform to share. Love you all and remain blessed until we meet again. Thanks.

Alex & Fay Yalenga

Always remember a few facts(there are many) about our God. He is a great God, He is Holy, His truth is absolute, His strength is never ending, his discipline is fair, His provision is abundant, His light is adequate, His grace sufficient. His plans are perfect. The God of Israel is never early or late but always on time. He wants to be close to you and me. In Him we have life.

Have a great day.


Zambia has been billed to host the Israel-Africa summit this year. This was after Togo canceled the summit due to intense pressure and threats from the many Arab and Muslim countries in Africa and around the world who are against the summit. Africa has 54 countries and 25 countries have shown interest in participating in the Israel-Africa summit.

Meanwhile Zambia has been hit with Cholera and flooding in some areas. Cholera cases have continued to rise in Lusaka and the surrounding districts. Lusaka has over 2 million people and the government has designated the main soccer Stadium in Lusaka as a cholera hospital. Over 2200 cases have been reported with many deaths.

All the congregations and children under the Zambia Messianic Fellowship, the Jerome Fleischer day school and the Jerome Fleischer orphanage are safe and free from Cholera. Thank you for your ongoing prayers in this matter.


Rabbi Tatra Cohen (holding mike) with deacon Zulu at ZMF.

We would like to welcome on our staff our new associate Rabbi, Tatra Cohen who is a Lemba Jew. There are about 50,000 Lemba Jews in Southern Africa. Lemba Jews are black Jews with a DNA of the Cohanim (descendants of Aaron the priest). Most are found in Zimbabwe, northern South Africa and Mozambique. There are also many Lemba Jews in Zambia and Rabbi Tatra Cohen will be spearheading our outreach to the Lemba Jews. Thank you for praying.


We have a list of wonderful people lined up to visit Zambia this year. Those that have confirmed their coming are Rabbi Jay Ledbetter, Kathy and Congregation 268. We love these wonderful men and women of God and are excited at their coming.

Please do pray that God will use them mightily to extend His kingdom.

The Day School

The children at the day school have again recorded a 100% pass rate. There were 364,546 students who sat for the grade seven final examinations throughout Zambia. Children who fail to pass this important national examination can not proceed further with their education but our kids made it to the 8th grade!! Before the examinations our school came out second in the spelling competition involving  37 schools in our school district.

Thank you to all the sponsors and our partners for making this a reality. The children that we started with in 2004 are now entering college.

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6


We would like to thank many sponsors and partners who helped funding the “mass birthday” party for many of our children who don’t have a birthday date due to having lost parents at a young age and those who may have but cant celebrate a birthday due to poverty.

The children had a wonderful time; ate cakes, each received a personal birthday gift and had lots of food. Thank you for allowing our children to be children again.

Other News

We have been working on our website and trying to update it and make it more relevant.

Pray for our ministry as we have come under a number of attacks from the Lusaka city council government and the central government.

Contrary to the Zambian law, the Lusaka city council is demanding that we pay $1900 in land rates. Our attorneys responded quoting the law but the Lusaka City council has heard none of our explanations so far. Without funds to fight this injustice in court we find ourselves with almost no other option but to pay. Please do pray that God will fight this battle for us.

Scholarships – Graciousness Extended:

Upon graduation from the Day School, each child takes a required exam, to determine whether they will be selected to go further in school.  They will be able to attend a higher school if their scores are high enough and positions are available.  The great news is that our Day School students consistently get the highest scores in the exams, and almost all are selected to move to the higher levels.  The sad news is that these schools are not free.

Those schools have fees which must be paid before the child is permitted to enroll. In Zambia, these schools start in January and end in December, and the cost is $360/year for one child.    You can help these children break through the cycle of poverty, and continue their education in grades 8- 12.  A scholarship for all 5 years of their high school education would be $1,800.00.

We believe that these children are the future leaders of Zambia, and as godly men and women, they will turn this nation around.  So, you see why we are so eager to see each child go on into the upper levels.

Please consider sponsoring a child for a year of upper education at $360 per year.  Of course, we rejoice to receive all gifts of any amount, so we can make as many scholarships available as possible. ”

The Yalenga Family

Please do pray for Fay Yalenga who has been seeing doctors due to pain in the knee. Doctors have since ruled out arthritis but suspect sciatica. Investigations are still ongoing.

The rest of the Yalenga family are doing well and thank you for your prayers and support.

PRAYER POINTS- Please join us in prayer for the following:

  • Our new outreach to the Lemba Jews of Zambia.
  • Salvation of the Zambian traditional Jewish community, Muslim community and African tribal communities
  • Open doors for the gospel
  • Spiritual and numerical growth.
  • The greatest numerical growth of Bible believers in the world is currently taking place in Africa and African believers are facing an increased level of persecutions from Muslims. Beheadings, shootings, bomb attacks, kidnapping, slavery, forced conversion, acid attacks and many other evil things are being committed against God’s children. Please pray for the Body of Messiah in Africa.
  • Please do pray for the court case involving our property to be disposed of once and for all and for finances to pay all the legal fees.
  • Pray for continued sponsorship for our Shalom Zambia radio outreach and that it will bear fruit among the 2.5 million listeners.
  • Protection from counterfeit believers.
  • Finances for ministry needs, including a sponsor for each child under our care, financial support for the Yalenga family and for the needs of the other congregations under the Zambia Messianic Fellowship covering.


  • $80 a month will allow a child to stay at our orphanage giving them a safe place, warm bed, three meals a day and school. Children will be taken in after a sponsor is found.
  • $25 a month will sponsor feed and educate one orphan for the whole month at our day school. We still have many children in need of sponsors.
  • $90 will sponsor one radio outreach program to over 2.5 million people.
  • $150 will help pay the monthly wage of one teacher at the orphanage day school. We have 8 teachers teaching over 150 children.
  • $6 will buy a bible for a new believer.
  • $50 will buy a goat to provide protein for children at the day school.
  • Monthly support for the Yalenga family who are in full time ministry taking care of 8 congregations, an Orphanage, a school, outreach, discipleship and raising new leaders.

Thank you for being a blessing.

Shalom, Shalom.

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To Donate

Donations are tax deductible in the USA and are received with thanksgiving. For tax-deductible contributions in the United States, write checks (please designate Zambia) to:

Congregational Roeh Israel

8556 East Warren Ave

Denver, Colorado 80231


Those in the UK (and Europe) can now support the work here in Zambia in £ or euros (cheque, money order).  Cheques should be made to B’Nai Maccabim (http://www.bnaimac.co.uk) with Zambia on the back

If you have questions or are looking for possibilities of supporting the ministry, sponsoring an orphan, being involved in our Graciousness Extended program or supporting the Yalenga family, please contact Maria Schmitt at  zmforphanage@gmail.com or 719-487-9061.

You can also donate via Pay pal (not tax-deductible) at  http://zamf.org/donations/. If you choose to send via PayPal, we kindly ask that you consider adding $1.30 for each $25.00 sent due to the amount of your donation PayPal will deduct if you are not a PayPal subscriber.

When you donate to the Zambia Messianic Fellowship you can be sure that you are contributing to an organization that is witnessing to the lost, discipling believers, raising new leaders, taking care of orphans, planting congregations around Zambia, fighting anti-Semitism, teaching the church about their Hebrew roots and responsibility to Israel, lobbying government for biblical values and helping the poor masses with viable economic activities.

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