Zambian orphans


Children at our orphanage

  • There are about 50Million orphans in Africa.
  • Zambia has about 14,075,100 people
  • Only about 600,000 Zambians are in formal employment.
  • Between 64 – 69% of Zambians live on less than $1.25 per
  • Of the 54 African countries Zambia has the second highest number of orphans beating only Zimbabwe.
  • Zambia has about 1.5 million orphans.
  • Over half of Zambian children are malnourished
  • The Zambian population of children aged 0-17 years is about 6,638, 301 and of these children 13.0 percent are orphans.
  • At provincial level, Lusaka Province has the highest number of orphans followed by Copper belt Province.
  • Of the 2,513,768 households in Zambia, 4,636 are headed by children (aged 12-17 years).
  • Many orphaned girls opt for early marriage to survive and many orphaned boys end up as child laborers.

Help us make a difference


We still have room for more orphans.

Jerome Fleischer Home (Orphanage)

The Orphanage

The Jerome Fleischer Live-in Orphanage

$80 a month will help us bring in an orphan or poor child from off the streets and provide them with healthy meals, warm bed, school, security, physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Current Status

  • We have 17 children living at the orphanage
  • We have room for over 30 more children.

To be a part any aspects of this ministry, please contact:

Maria Schmitt, USA Orphanage Coordinator and Funds Custodian

19455 Misty Morning Drive
Monument CO 80132

 When giving directly to Roeh Israel or through Paypal, please contact Maria via email and let her know. 

Corresponding with Your Sponsored Child

There are two ways you may correspond with your sponsored child.

1) You may mail your letter directly.  You must send it registered to this address:

Jerome Fleischer Orphanage School

ATTN: (Put in your child’s name)


Lusaka, Zambia 10101

2) You may send your letter to Maria and she will send off a bulk package once a month.  She will accept two pieces of paper per sponsored child per month.  That way you can send a letter and a photo or a card.