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September 2012

 Pray For Zambia

The new Zambian government  has nationalized some businesses including the Railway System of Zambia which was being run by Israelis. The government canclled the work permits of the Israeli managers and when they tried to leave the country arrested them. We are in shock!!! Last time Zambia took over businesses owned by Israelis and others the economy collapsed.

There has been instances of police brutality against those with an opposing view. For championing the cause of the poor a catholic priest was deported by the government. Please do pray for the Israelis who have  unjustly been arrested.

A word from Alex

As we enter the Jewish New year on Sept 16th in the evening. We at  the Zambia Messianic Fellowhip pray that  the year ahead be filled with G-d’s richest blessings and may you and your loved ones be sealed and inscribed in the Book of Life for a year of goodness, health and fulfillment.

We wish you all a blessed and peaceful Rosh Hashanah and a meaningful fast.

May the seeds we sow bear abundant fruit and let our prayers for peace in
Israel, and the world all over, become a reality.

L’shana Tova Umetuka


Fay Yalenga speaking at congregational Roeh Israel in Denver. Fay is currently visiting the USA.

Do kindly pray for Fay as she has just lost her grandmother.

Thank You.

We would like to sincerely thank all our partners and all who have been giving to the ministry of the Zambia Messianic Fellowship. Because of your labour, love, prayers and generosity the Lord has been doing many wonderful things in our ministry. Thank you for touching orphaned lives, thank you for supporting Alex & Fay and their family, thank you for sponsoring the Shalom Zambia radio outreach and thank you for the many things you have done to help this work stand and have an impact for the Lord. You are all God sent and may He bless you and yours!!


God has added another new congregation in Ndola (Zambia’s second largest city). Ndola now has three messianic congregations. Alex visited the congregations recently (photo).


Zambia Messianic Fellowship reaches out to the old people.


less than 3% of Zambians are over 65 years of age. The few old people are neglected and live in abject poverty.Besides taking care of 162 orphans God enabled us to donate used clothes, shoes and other items to an old peoples home in Matero township. Many old people have been neglected, are sick and without adequate clothing.

roof done


Remember to pray for the upcoming court case next month October 10th.

Some witnesses are afraid to come to our aid.


The orphans had a wonderful trip to manzi valley just outside Lusaka. They had an opportunity to learn first hand how mineral water is bottled and the process it has to go through.

Orphans learning about mineral water. 

Story of an orphan.

We have started featuring stories about  some of the children under our care. Thank you for helping us to take care of these precious souls.

Musonda Chanda
Musonda is 13 years of age and in third grade . He lost his parents when he was seven. Musonda walks for about 6.2 miles every day one way to attend the Jerome Fleischer orphanage day school.
His dream career is to become a teacher someday.
School Library

Thank you to all those who have shown interest in our orphanage library project and to all those who have given books. Kindly join with us in starting a new library at the Jerome Fleischer Orphanage school. Imagine a school without a library? Our orphanage school has been running for ten years without a library. If you may, could you please kindly send a book or books to our new library project. Share this with friends, Sabbath and Sunday school kids who may want to send books. We especially & humbly request sponsors of children to send books too. New and used books are most welcome!!! They must be school appropriate. Biblical books are welcome too.Thank you for being a blessing!!

The Book Project

Jerome Fleischer Orphanage School

Po Box FW 193,

Lusaka. Zambia.



You can now help spread the gospel by sponsoring the Yalenga family. Alex & Fay Yalenga are in full time ministry. They oversee the nine Messianic Congregations in Zambia, have a radio outreach to over 2.5 million listeners and conduct outreaches to the Jewish, animists and Muslim populations. Fay oversees the Jerome Fleischer orphanage, which has about  160 children. Alex and Fay have three daughters of their own and have adopted five other children. With only 480,000 formal jobs in Zambia which has a population of 14 Million people the local Zambian congregations (most of them with high unemployment) are struggling to support their leader.

For a tax deductible gift given through Congregational Roeh Israel you can make a difference by sponsoring the Yalenga family with any monthly gift of your choice. For more information write to our USA ministry representative Debra Green


  • the Israeli managers who have been arrested by the Zambian government.
  • Open doors for the gospel.
  • Salvation of the Zambian Jewish community.
  • Leadership training.
  • Spiritual and numerical growth.
  • Finances for ministry needs.



  • A wheelchair for Jane a disabled 18 year old member of our congregation who has crawled to get around all her life.
  • $25 will feed one orphan for the whole month. We still have orphans in need of sponsors.
  • $6 will buy a bible for a new believer.
  • $400 will buy a first aid kit for the orphanage school.
  • $500 will buy a science kit for the orphanage school.

Thank you for being a blessing.

Shalom, Shalom.


To Donate;

Donations are Tax deductable in the USA and are received with Thanksgiving. For Tax deductable Contributions in the United States, write checks to;

Congregational Roeh Israel

8556 East Warren Ave

Denver,Colorado 80231

(Don’t forget to put Zambia orphans in the Memo if you are sponsoring an orphan, Zambia missions for the ministry and  Yalenga family if you are sponsoring the Yalenga family);

You can also donate via Pay pal at;

When you donate to the Zambia Messianic Fellowship you can be sure that you are contributing to an organization that is witnessing to the lost, discipling believers, raising new leaders, taking care of orphans, planting congregations around Zambia, fighting anti-Semitism. Teaching the church about their Hebrew roots and responsibility to Israel, lobbying government for biblical values and helping the poor masses with viable economic activities.


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